Standing Strong.

This is a fascinating time to be in the United States Congress.  In the last few days alone we’ve witnessed the Speaker of the House announce his resignation, the Pope address Congress, the federal government veer dangerously close to shutting down and conservative Republicans demand elimination of women’s health funding.

This morning, the House Oversight and Government Reform committee will hold a hearing.  The topic: Planned Parenthood funding. I’ll be there, standing strong in the face of opposition.  Just as in other instances of the House majority using Congress to make political points with their conservative base, I anticipate a healthy dose of political theatrics.

Despite the anticipated fireworks, I’ll be standing strong and fighting for women’s health.

To keep standing up for the American people, I need your help.  You’re likely getting a ton of messages from candidates and political organizations these past few days.  Tomorrow is the final day of the campaign finance reporting quarter, so the push is on to raise campaign resources.  The same is true for our re-election campaign.

I do need your support.  Congressional elections are expensive and hotly contested, since so many crucial issues are determined by those who get elected. Your contribution, whether it be $5 or $50, would mean so much to me and demonstrate that I continue to have the people’s support.  I’ve been working hard and, with your support, will continue to fight for us in Congress.

Please donate online to support our re-election campaign:

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