Congress needs to do right by Flint.

I’m writing to you about Flint, Michigan.

Yesterday the U.S. Senate finally heeded Senators Stabenow and Peters’ calls for funding to address Flint’s man-made water crisis. Now, this Water Resources Development Act moves to the U.S. House.

As a Member, I call upon the U.S. House of Representatives to immediately take up this legislation to aid Flint.

It is deplorable (yes, deplorable) how it took the Republican leadership in the Senate this long to handle such a time-sensitive issue. I want to ensure Speaker Ryan and his GOP colleagues don’t repeat that same mistake, further delaying help for Flint residents.

As with legislation to address the Zika crisis, this shouldn’t be a partisan issue. This shouldn’t even be controversial. Yet, when Americans are looking for solutions, Congress is playing ideological games with policy matters that directly impact our citizens’ health and well-being.

When Flint’s water problems weren’t getting adequate consideration at the federal level, I successfully called for congressional hearings. I continue using my voice to advocate for Michigan’s urban communities. Part of that cause is fighting for this legislation, which is desperately needed to address the damage done in Flint — and to prevent lead poisoning in the water of other cities in the future.

I’m writing so that you knew where things stood — and to ensure that Flint’s plight doesn’t get forgotten or pushed further back on the agenda.

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Congresswoman Brenda L. Lawrence

Michigan’s 14th District

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