I will vote to Impeach

Dear Friend:

I was an early supporter of impeachment in 2017. Let me be clear, I am 100% in support of impeachment. 

As a member of Congress and the House Oversight Committee, it is my duty to hold the President accountable for his actions. The information revealed in the hearings over the past couple of weeks confirmed that this President has continually abused the power of his office and has clearly violated the US Constitution. 

I remain concerned that the Republicans in the Senate will avoid the facts and try to cover-up the mounting evidence against Trump. We can’t let this happen and we must stick together as Democrats. 

So, let’s get right to it, when the vote comes to the floor, I will VOTE TO IMPEACH and will continue to do whatever it takes to to hold this President accountable.

Fighting for you now, and always.

Congresswoman Brenda L. Lawrence

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