Brenda Lawrence has lived in this district her entire life.

She was born and raised in Detroit, graduated from Pershing High School, married her high school sweetheart, bought her first home on Detroit’s east side, sent her children to Detroit Public Schools, worshiped here, worked here, and served in public office here.

In 2001, Lawrence became the first female and first African-American Mayor of Southfield. She was resoundingly re-elected three times and has served for over 12 years in the city of 72,000 residents. Under her leadership, Southfield has remained economically strong.

From income to race to educational attainment, the district is highly diverse. As Mayor of Southfield, Lawrence has a history of being inclusive and ensuring all voices are heard.

Lawrence is President of the National Association of Democratic Mayors. She was the Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee in 2010 and was the first African-American female major party nominee for that position in Michigan’s history.